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  with Dr Daniel Amen and Tana Amen BSN RN 

New York Times bestselling authors, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are your personal Brain Warrior Guides to help you win the war for your health and defeat anxiety, depression, memory loss, ADHD, addictions, disease, and obesity. Learn how you can take control of your brain and body for the rest of your life.


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Mar 4, 2019

While helping kids with learning disabilities, Helen Irlen struggled to identify the reason why neuropsychological testing wasn’t helping to find answers in so many cases. When she finally decided to think outside the box, the result was a revelation. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are joined by Helen Irlen as she recounts the discovery of her namesake syndrome.